The Neglected Air Conditioning Coil

In previous write-ups I have actually blogged about the value of using a good quality pleated filter or polyesterfoam filter with a tackifier to enhance your indoor air top quality. Doing this will likewise help keep your evaporator coil clean to reduce your energy and also repair work cost.

Commonly the condenser coil is disregarded. It likewise requires routine cleaning to keep it going for it’s peak performance. There are some easy things you can do yourself to ensure you keep your ac unit running successfully.

Maintain plants as well as structures a minimum of 12″ from the sides of your condenser. More is needed around the service panel.

Maintain a minimum of 5′ of clearance (when feasible) over the condenser for your discharge air. You don’t intend to draw the discharge air back right into the condenser.

Much like keeping your evaporator coil tidy you need to maintain the condensing coil clean. It usually does not expand mold, it does accumulate lawn trimmings, sand, leaves, as well as the periodic lizard and also frog.

Now, to cleanse your condensing coil you will require a wet vac, a garden pipe, spray nozzle, needle nose pliers, and also a screw driver or battery drill.

The first thing you require to do is shut off the POWER to the a/c.

If your air conditioner has panels shielding the coil eliminate them (if you employ a professional see to it he does this). Certainly don’t try to dismantle the air conditioner if your not comfy doing this. You can clean it with it still set up, it just doesn’t do as detailed task. But, it can still be done.

However if you feel comfy doing this get rid of the top of the condenser. The cables are usually long enough for you to lean the top against the house or you can mark where the follower electric motors cords attach, and remove the top totally. Make use of the needle nose pliers to eliminate the fan cables from the capacitor. Despite the power off the capacitor still has power saved in it. If touched it will certainly stun you.

Then use a wet vac to vacuum the bottom of the condenser to eliminate fallen leaves as well as other debris from all-time low. To keep the condenser base clean you can use a Fallen leave Guard to maintain fallen leaves, pests, as well as various other particles from accumulating on the bottom of your condenser. The Fallen leave Guard is easy to install as well as works great.

Now turn on the water and also prepare to wash the coil. There are options readily available for this yet, water functions great unless you have a dry air vent close by that clogged up your coil. After that you might require to use a coil cleaner.

When spraying the coil do not utilize the jet setting on the spray nozzle. Utilize the spray setup. You don’t intend to damage the coil. Spray the coil from the inside the condenser out to clean the particles out, not press it deeper into the coil.

When your finished reassemble. Turn the power back on.

Currently you can loosen up and stay amazing understanding you did your part in keeping your ac system performing at it’s peak.

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