Infusion Hair Extensions

As the elegance market invited the intro of hair extensions throughout the early 1980’s, Valentin made a decision to steer clear of the low quality very early enhancements had, preferring to give his customer’s with hair that was not only sensational, but also aided to care for their all-natural hairs.

Following the introduction of low quality hair enhancements, Valentin’s Blend hair extensions were born. Expertly developed using his wide range of hair expertise and also need to create only the best enhancements, Blend hair extensions were handmade utilizing slim strips of natural tresses that showed a fluffiness when applied, to help develop an also weight and form. Nonetheless, although he achieved success in producing expansions that were outstanding in quality as well as appearance, Valentin had actually not yet been able to locate a chemical product which would certainly not just provide a strong bond when attaching Combination hair extensions, but one which would additionally not harm the natural hair in anyway.

As we came close to the new millennium and also new breakthroughs were made within the charm sector, brand-new items which were aimed in the direction of shielding our hair were presented. Utilizing these brand-new explorations, Rodolfo Valentin was able to create a brand-new version of the Fusion hair extensions which applied a thinner base with roots put right into the support. This new design created an entirely flat outcome which when combined with a brand-new, healthy protein abundant option, enabled the expansions to be bound with the all-natural hair with much better outcomes than the initial Fusion hair extensions. Following this new exploration, Valentin renamed this technique Hair Infusion Extensions.

As a result of the success of Valentin’s Infusion additions, numerous other hair salons recognized the advantages which came from this brand-new method, opting to advertise themselves as a ‘Hair Mixture Extension Beauty Salon’. Hair Mixture Extensions and also Combination Hair Extensions are unique trademarks of Rodolfo Valentin as well as are just offered at Rodolfo Valentin beauty parlors in New york city City and Long Island, NY.

Although some hair salons may choose to state that they supply Hair Infusions, the evidence that they do not will appear in the high quality you are given with. Recognized by the clinical sector as the most safe type of hair additions, Hair Infusion Extensions assist to shield the all-natural locks by eliminating the demand for extreme, damaging approaches of hair extension accessory. Accessory approaches such as hot glue can, in time, cause the tresses to end up being weak, creating it to damage as well as fall out over time which can create caused loss of hair in some wearers. Where Hair Mixture Extensions vary is that they do not call for warm or any other damaging solution to be affixed to natural mane. As the extensions are made with a level, even surface area, each expansion can be affixed in a way which gets rid of the natural hair from being drawn.

The protein abundant remedy utilized to attach Hair Infusion Expansions to the user’s all-natural hair implies that the expansions are not just multiple-use, however as the remedy is put on the expansions before they are used, the natural hair has the ability to expand with the expansion, aiding it remain solid and healthy and balanced. Due to this, Hair Infusion Extensions are not only best for including size as well as volume to hair, but are also perfect for those experiencing thinning hair or loss of hair.

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